The city which sacred by lord rama

The city which had a great history

The city which never ruled by britishers

The city which sucked the blood of people

The city which teaches about how to love

The city which is best in celebrations

The city which is famous for gold

The city which is the label of fashion

And now.. here we go with some facts about

Our proddatur..

City of Sunset

In ancient indian history the actual name of proddatur was BRADHANAPURI

which meant by the city of Sunset..

Well we have a cause for this..

While lord rama returning ayodhya with sitha..

They decided to stay a night at the location at river bank of penna which is the land of proddatur..

They reached proddatur at the end of the day..

As a part of paying tribute to lord rama people of proddatur named the city as bradhanapuri..

And now the name proddatur was simplified from the word proddu (sunset) in the local telugu language..


Kudos guys.. we have a great history of celebrating DASARA..

Here is the temple of vasavi kanyaka parameshwari is not in the list of 18 shakti pithas

Its just a temple which had a history of 600 years..

But it stands in 2nd place after mysore in the celebrations of dasara..

Arya vysha sabha decorates whole city before the navaratri..

and the city of gold will get charm for whole 10 nights..

And the ooregimpu of ammavaru on the night of vijayadashami is the special attraction..


Lord rama placed a shiva lingam in this temple..

Legend is that..

that shivalingam still have finger prints of lord rama on it..

and a chakra of power is installed by jagadguru adi shankara..

people of proddatur believes that.. this place is so sacred for them..

and they mentioned it as the second kaasi (varanasi).


Proddatur people are so lucky to have penna beside to them..

Yes it will flow once for every 15 or 20 years.. and remains dry all the time

But.. the under water resources which got filled by penna are too damn high..

If once penna flows with water for just 20 days.. those water will drove people as thirstless for next 20 years..

And we are proud to say that..

proddatur is the only green city in both kadapa and anantapur districts.

Golden City

Proddatur is the city which covered with gold.

Yes proddatur is the 2nd largest gold trading center in india after mumbai..

Proddatur is optimizing crores of business turn overs every day with gold trading..

And proddatur have large and huge gold market in 3-4 kilometres called “sunar bazar”


Proddatur is a city of Fashions..

There are more than 2000 garment showrooms and shops in proddatur..

With 6-7 exclusive cloth markets..

Yes proddatur is also famous for clothing..

People from the overall andhra pradesh shows interest to shop here.


Proddatur is the one of the oldest cities in india..

Streets of proddatur take backs you to culcatta for sure..

city streets replicates the culcutta for the new visitors..

and both the cities are famous for their business ideas.


Lesser fact known by people is..

60% of telugu cinema financiers are proddaturians..

Proddatur has more than 10 cinema theatres.

great celebrities visits city for every festivals and events..

For sure there is no actor/director is there who dont know the name of proddatur..



People of proddatur are mostly foodies..

Here we have the list of some famous dishes available in proddatur..

  • Shukur biryani
  • Thangadpalli sweets
  • Subramanyam dosa
  • Avva dosa
  • AFC proddatur
  • Shawarma
  • Chiken and mutton varieties


Guys.. in 1980-2000 proddatur is also famous for crimes and factionism..

This is the city which sucked the blood of factionists..

native for some famous faction leaders in rayala seema..

Hey hey no worries.. now the city is clean and green..

Proddatur is a very safe city for you..

People of proddatur shows their love towards visitors..

their hearts are mostly filled with the helping nature

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